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How Are We Different from Therapy, Coaching, Mentoring, and Tutoring?

Answer: Change comes naturally and automatically. No conscious effort required!

There are:

  • NO exercises to do,

  • NO compensation techniques to remember,

  • NO coping strategies to apply,

  • NO goals to work towards,

  • NO guilt driven motivation to endure.

  • NO dangerous high risk activities to survive

  • NO supplements/meds to take

How do we create natural automatic change?

Answer: By rewiring and reprogramming the brain. When your brain is WIRED CORRECTLY and PROGRAMMED CORRECTLY you naturally and automatically respond to your environment correctly. Better behavior and better choices with NO CONSCIOUS EFFORT REQUIRED!!!

How Do I Know If I Need...

Brain Integration

Brain Integration physically rewires the brain and is proven to eliminate ADHD, Dyslexia, APD and many other Learning Disabilities. It is also helpful with Depression, Anxiety, and Bipolar.

Brain Coding

Brain Coding rewrites the subconscious brain codes. Brain Codes dictate our automatic responses to our environment and are the root cause of incorrect or bad behavior.

Or Both

Some individual just need their brain's integrated, others just need new brain codes, and other need both rewired and new codes. If you are not sure, contact us about a FREE consultation.

The Brain And Learning Disabilities


What Causes Learning Disabilities?

Answer: Non functioning brain matter or more specifically, non functioning grey or white matter.

Brain functions consist of two types; grey matter and white matter. The grey matter is where information is processed and stored. The grey matter is the noodle like layer wrapped around the outside of the brain. Grey matter is also found deep inside the brain. White matter is how information is transported to different parts of the brain.


What Causes Our Brain Function to Turn Off

Answer: Physical head trauma or severe emotional trauma.

Physical head trauma is pretty common. Infants, small children, and youth are known for hitting their head as they are learning to walk, run, and play sports.

Severe emotional trauma can also be a common cause for non functioning grey and white matter. A good example would be a two year old being told “NO” which is followed by falling to the ground kicking and screaming tantrum. As youth our boy/girl friends brake up with us, or we fail a big test. As adults we experience divorce and death of loved ones. The emotional trauma is relative to the individual. What one person may interpret as severally emotional traumatic another may not.


Why Does Trauma Affect Brain Function?

Answer: We have a natural fight or flight instinct in us. If we can not fight or flee from the pain our brain will naturally shut down as a way to escape it.

How Do We Eliminate Learning Disabilities?

BIT (Crossinolgy Brain Integration Technique) is a proven technique backed by research to eliminate learning disabilities like ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, APD and more.  Click Here to learn more.

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