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We would like to thank all of our clients for their support and confidence in what we do. Our greatest reward is seeing and hearing about the positive changes in your life as a result of working with us.

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From A Mom with Two Daughters

For many years my daughters have struggled with reading issues.  We have worked with tutors, special education services, as well as medication.  Everything we were doing seemed to help them adapt to their circumstances, but they could not read a book and understand it.  As a parent, it was very frustrating to see my girls struggle their way through high school and college.  Tears came on a nightly basis as we muddled through homework.  It seemed as if there was a brick wall around their brains that their English and reading assignments just couldn’t break through.

After an extremely frustrating homework session, I remembered seeing a blurb about ADD on Facebook.  I looked it up and began wondering if it would work for us.  Being extremely skeptical, I made an appointment for my younger daughter.  I decided if it worked for her, I would approach my older daughter with more severe issues of ADD.

Half way through the session we went to lunch.  My daughter decided to see if reading was easier.  Not only was it easier, she understood what she read.  After finishing the session, she read articles from a magazine and told me everything about it.  I was shocked at the amount of detail she could recall.  Not only did BIT have a positive effect on her reading, but also her ability to recall other things.  She cut her homework time in half and was no longer afraid of having homework.  She was able to prioritize and break it down into smaller tasks.  It was amazing to see her succeed in school work without all the extra assistance.  Most of all, her self-esteem shot up because she didn’t feel like she was dumb.  She began understanding the assignments.  It has been an amazing experience.

Needless to say, I recommended BIT to my older daughter.  Since she was away at college, I didn’t see the dramatic results until she came home.  When she came home, I saw that she was more focused and very relaxed with her schoolwork.  She had gone off her ADD medication and was passing tests without the disability accommodations set up for her.  Her level of understanding was much greater and she was able to focus on more than one thing at a time.

I would recommend BIT to every child and adult with ADD.  There has been such a dramatic difference for my girls.  We do not miss the homework tears and fear.  We love the self-esteem that they have gained as well and the ability to learn and understand.

From Daughter #1

The one thing I hated was coming home and having to do homework.  It would take forever.  By the time I got home, I could never remember what I was supposed to do.  Then I would get frustrated, my mom would be frustrated, and the only thing I could do was cry.  I would go to school the next day and try to get help, but it always made me feel stupid because I didn’t understand what they were talking about.  The worst class was English because we had to read a lot of books.  I could read the same paragraph many times and still not understand what it was saying.  I just wanted to give up.

My mom told me about BIT and it sounded really weird.  She really wanted me to do it, so I went – mostly because I didn’t have to go to school that day.  When we first started, I thought Trevor was a little crazy.  My mom stayed with me, so I knew it would be okay.  I just did what I was told to do and pretty soon it was lunch time.  When we were eating lunch, we decided to see if BIT was working.  I read the first page of a book and I was able to tell my mom all about it.  I had never been able to do that before.

Before doing BIT, I felt ashamed because I couldn’t read as well as other kids my age.  Now I have more confidence in myself.  I sometimes even have fun reading stories and books because I understand them better.  I’m not afraid of having homework anymore because I can break it down into small assignments and work it into my night’s activities.  I still don’t like having homework, but now I just do it because I can remember what I am supposed to do.

From daughter #2

For most of my years in school, I used to get so frustrated at myself because I would stare at a page I was supposed to read and start crying because I couldn't focus on reading it. I just got so overwhelmed at how I was going to read it and how many times I would have to read each sentence until I understood what it was even about. It's like I would stare at that page and try to read it, but all of the words would just go in one eye and out the other.  I would read one sentence then I would forget it once I finished. I felt so useless because I tried so hard to concentrate but I wasn't getting anything done, I just stared at the page.

I tried ADD medication, but even that didn’t always help.  I also qualified for disability services, which helped a little, but I still felt very frustrated that I could not comprehend what I tried to read.  Many times I wanted to give up, but my mom wouldn’t let me.  As I went to college, I was very nervous that I would fail.  With much help from disability services and my teachers, I managed to pass, but I was very discouraged with my lack of understanding.

After BIT, this is what has happened:
·         I can actually comprehend what I read and I don't have to re-read the same sentence over and over again 30 times.
·         I don't get as distracted when I'm working on something.
·         I felt like doing homework.
·         I can actually finish what I am doing without get frustrated.
·         I am more motivated.
·         My concentration has improved to where I can focus on getting something done.
·         I can verbalize what I am thinking without it going through my head over and over.  I can verbalize things in the right order and sequence.
·         It is easier to tell stories and jokes because I can now get the punch line in the right place.
·         I am so much happier.
·         I decided to try life without ADD medication.  I have been very successful and after eight years of taking ADD medication I am passing my college courses without assistance from medication or disability services.

I would highly recommend BIT to anyone, any age, who struggles with any type of learning disability.  It has changed my life.

16 Year Old Male

I am a 16 year old male who is a Junior in High School. Starting around the end of 8th grade to the beginning of 9th grade, I began to have serious troubles with school and depression. The cause of which, I still don't know. But I couldn't understand math no matter what we tried. Special treatment from the teacher, a tutor to help get me through the assignments, nothing worked. I got through it, but I couldn't retain it or understand it. I just mindlessly did it with my tutor. This happened all through 9th grade, through 10th grade, and finally we discovered crossinology brain integration right before my Junior year of High School. I was on medication to help me focus, anti depressants, but I still couldn't retain, focus, or comprehend much anything related to math and some sciences. We read a short book on BIT and decided it was worth a shot. We made an appointment, and shortly thereafter I was in the office talking about everything I felt was wrong with me. Everyone is a skeptic at first. I thought, "There's no way this could actually help. He pokes me, pushes on my arm, and presses his fingers to my head." Me being very practical believed it would not work, but I wanted to try it. So we did it in two, four hour sessions. Even after the first session, I walked out feeling relaxed, and confident, excited for the next session. When I returned the next day for the second session, we did many of the same things. I walked not noticing enormous differences, but then again I hadn't been back to school yet to try out my, "new brain." I went home and immediately watched some tutorials on some programs I enjoy using. Before, I could not focus or remember what the tutorial was saying or doing. Afterwards, I could watch an entire tutorial and reproduce the results on my own. My reading comprehension also unexpectedly rose. Tests conducted before and after Integration showed such. Whereas before I could get the main idea and nothing more, afterwards; I could recall every detail, descriptive language, names, locations and other such things. These were some of the biggest results I noticed even before returning back to school the following week. (I was about 2-3 weeks into my junior year by this point) Once returning to school, I still found math difficult so we made another appointment, and tried a few more things, and once again, returning to school to try out my, " new brain." I walked into math class (AP Calculus) sat down and I was engaged and able to pay attention, retain, and comprehend most everything that was said. It was incredible! My teacher remarked to me afterwards that she was blown away by the dramatic and rapid change. This has continued to be the case, even in classes I thought I did just fine in. And the last thing, I had struggled with some addictions that I will not specify. Although not a standard part of BIT, my BIT practitioner and I did a few extra things to change the, "Laws of my Kingdom" (Cureology) as it was described. Literally overnight, I lost all desire to take part in this addiction and have found it easy ever since. I am eternally grateful that we discovered BIT and for Trevor, my BIT practitioner, for being so kind and willing to set up follow-up appointments to make sure that my brain was functioning the best it possibly could.

(Moms point of view of 16 year old Male)

I was skeptical at first when I heard about BIT. I felt I had tried everything to help my son over the past 2 1/2 years with little success. We had tried medication, psychiatrists and numerous other remedies. I decided we had nothing to lose and I was desperate to find help so we decided to give it a try. Shortly after treatment I have noticed his ability to focus, concentrate and have less anxiety about social gatherings and pressures. He seems less stressed and is keeping track of his school work better. I was shocked last week to get a call from the math teacher (which is NEVER positive) and she said "I don't know what you are doing but whatever it is, its working!" She went on to tell me how he participated in class now and is even a little ahead of where she is teaching. She was thrilled with his progress and I was most grateful to hear such a report from her! I would recommend BIT to anyone and am so glad we were introduced to it at this hard time in our lives! It has truly made all the difference!

Mother of Son with Dyslexia

My son was diagnosed with Dyslexia when he was 12 the fall before his 7th grade year in Junior High.  Since the 2nd grade he started really struggling in school.  His teacher told me that he was having a hard time learning spelling patterns.  He really struggled with math, and never could retain math facts.  Every other year until the 6th grade he had a teacher that said he was distracted and wasn’t trying hard enough, and although legally they aren’t suppose to say so; they told me in their opinion he had ADD and to have him see a Doctor.  In the 4th grade he was tested for learning disabilities by the school.  They use the Woodcock-Johnson.  I was told that he was next to genius. That he had a high IQ and there was no reason he couldn’t do the work and that he just didn’t want to do it. That he was lazy…and again ADD was brought up.  I took him to a doctor and he said he didn’t have ADD.  So I went back to the district and told them the doctor had said no ADD. For the next 2 years it was a vicious circle and I got no help for him.  I knew there was something not quite right, but had no idea what the problem was.  They did offer a few interventions; however, my son came home feeling bad about himself and felt stupid.  He became self destructive.  He was becoming lost in the system and sliding through the cracks.  In the 6th grade he was retested in the school.  I was told the same thing that I should really look into ADD.  He was reading on a 3rd grade level, but they said there wasn’t a big enough discrepancy; so again no help was given.

I didn’t know he had dyslexia until I was telling a friend that he still confused his 9 for p and b for d.  I had heard of dyslexia but had no idea what it entailed.  She said for grades k-2 those reversals were common, but by 6th grade that shouldn’t happen and suggested dyslexia to me.  Another friend who also has a son with dyslexia referred me for testing.  He was diagnosed with dyslexia. It was a relief to finally know what was causing the difficulty in learning, and my son said after the testing “so I’m really not stupid” (heartbreaking).  I got him on a 504 for accommodations at school; which is basically a crutch.

I will be forever grateful to a friend who told me about BIT!

A year after he was diagnosed; this same friend referred me to Trevor.  I was skeptical, but as a mother with a child who was still struggling in school, and a low self esteem I was desperate to get him help.

We had the BIT done in August; two weeks before he started the 8th grade.  BIT has been life changing, and was the best thing that we could have done for our son.  Within hours we noticed huge changes.  The first was his attitude. He was actually pleasant to talk to.  He was more kind to his sisters, and he was respectful of his parents. We were excited for a new school year to start to see what would happen academically.

Two weeks into school year he had to read a science chapter and write 35 sentences. In the past we would always read it to him and then had him answer the questions.  My husband started reading and he said “Dad, I’ll do it”. My husband kept offering to read for him, he said “no I can do”.  I finally called my husband into the other room, and said do you realize he is reading that himself, and he wants to.  Let him do it!  He read the whole chapter and wrote 35 sentences in an hour….this was huge!  This is something that would have taken him 3-4 hrs to do.

He stopped fighting and arguing. His attitude was better his self esteem was higher.  If nothing else this was the most important thing.  His coordination was improved.  Math wasn’t so difficult.

In October we had him retested for dyslexia.  The Doctor said he tested on a 7th-8th grade level; which is exactly where he should be; also that his spelling improved, and she said she was having a hard time qualifying him for dyslexia.

In November he went ice skating and fell and split his chin open. He got 3 stitches. He never said it hurt, but he said he felt like he was in a fog.  Over the next 2 weeks we noticed his behavior was horrible.  We were back to arguing.  He was being very disrespectful and he was being mean to his sisters.  His self esteem dropped.  He was resistant to do homework, and his grades were falling.  He had gotten really good at pogo stick, but after this accident he couldn’t stay on the pogo; so he hadn’t done it for about 2 weeks.  It was like the old him was back.

I contacted Trevor in desperation, and told him of the accident.  Trevor was able to do a touch up session, and reintegrated for about an hour and a half.  Within a half hour of the reintegration he got on the pogo and jumped across the yard, down a rocky hill, over a ditch and across the street; which is about 100 yards away to his grandparents house, and probably could have kept going.  Immediately we noticed his attitude was better.  Another surprise was that he started cleaning his room without being asked (what mother will complain about that).  He started going to math tutoring on his own, and his grades improved.

I am so thankful to have met Trevor and to learn of BIT, and for the difference it has made in my sons life.   I have told many friends and family about it, and would highly recommend it to anyone who is desperate like we were, and who is looking for help.