About Trevor


Trevor is a Life Transformational Expert, Educator, Mentor and Speaker. He is the founder and owner of Rocky Mountain Brain Integration, Inc. He is also the founder and owner of Transcend, LLC. Trevor graduated from Weber State University with his degree in Child and Family Studies and Psychology. He has earned his Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) certificate from the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR). He has earned his Crossinology Brain Integration Certificate from the Learning Enhancement Institute. Trevor is the author of the #1 best selling book The 14 Laws of Happily Ever After.

Trevor has overcome many obstacles in his life. During his 7th grade year at age 13 he was diagnosed with a severe learning disability called Dyslexia. He was reading on a 3rd grade reading level equivalent of an average 8-9 year old. Academically he was struggling and turned to humor to hide his inabilities to succeed academically. He was described by others as dumb, stupid, lazy, and a class clown. His Dyslexia not only affected is ability to read, but also his ability to spell and remember.

Today Trevor has successfully learned how to become proficient at reading, spelling and memorization. He has been described by others as Brilliant, Amazing, Powerful, Kind, Humble, and Full of Integrity.  He graduated from college with a 3.5 GPA (compared to his high school 1.9 GPA).

Our Vision

Create more productive and efficient homes, schools and work environments by eliminating individual learning disabilities.

Our Mission

Be the leading provider of brain transforming technology, products, and services to help children and adults maximize performance in school, home and the work place.

Our Values


You are only as good as your word. If your word isn't worth anything, then you have lost a piece of your soul. Being honest is difficult, but it is the bedrock of character. A house is only as strong as its foundation.


Honor is respecting those around you and acting in a way that is deserving of respect from those around you. Honor is the reputation and alliance that you earn from those you serve and those who serve you.


Grace is giving something to someone who hasn't earned it, doesn't deserve it and yet we give it anyway.


Courage isn't the absence of fear, it's the strength to move forward in the face of fear.


Compassion is having the ability to step outside of yourself and perform an act of selflessness. To be compassionate is to value others above yourself for the sole purpose of contributing to the greater good.


Respect is seeing the value in others. Respect stems from how we see and value our self. We can respect someone without agreeing with them. We can respect a person and not like the person. We may not like or agree with our leaders, but we can respect them and the position they hold.


Forgiveness is giving up our right to collect on a debt. We no longer harbor negative emotions towards someone. When we truly forgive, our future choices are not based on past experiences. It is, as if, it never happened.


Staying true to yourself and standing by someone else's side when they face adversity is mastery of loyalty. Never giving up on someone, no matter how hard it gets, for as long as it takes: that is the true measure of any great relationship.


Humility is the leadership quality of taking the brunt of the blame when things go south and giving away the majority of the credit when things go well. The leader who practices humility will never ask anyone to do what they themselves cannot do. Humility is leading from a position of service.


Prudence is the capacity to face reality squarely in the eye, without allowing emotion or ego to get in the way, and do what is best for the team.


Contentment is choosing to focus on the abundance that already exists rather than focus on the lack. Seeing the abundance in your life brings a feeling of peace and contentment.


Tenacity is the ability to stick it out and never give up, to keep going when things are tough and there is no end in sight. Tenacity precedes success.


Seeing your True and Best Self and living your life accordingly is being Authentic. Letting go of all the limiting lies your environment told you about who you are and what you can/cannot do. Being your True and Best Self even when everyone is telling you to be something else.


Doing what you say you're going to do, even when you don't want to, or you don't have time to do it. Suit up, show up, and do your best without expecting something in return.


Kindness is treating people better than we would like to be treated. Kindness is seeing the other person's True and Best Self and treating them accordingly. Kindness is helping others see their True and Best Self.


Integrity is to act according our values regardless of who is or is not watching. Integrity is consistently living our life according to our True and Best Self.